1. MJ-Tech

    SOLVED Which Android enrollment profile is most suited to my requirements?

    I have a new requirement from business., The Android device must be fully managed (i.e., the Android device should only contain specified business apps. similar to kiosk multi-app). Permission is also required to deploy a custom apk app that is not published on the Google Play store. Which...
  2. MJ-Tech

    SOLVED How to clear the cache for Android apps using Intune?

    Is it possible to use Intune to delete the cache & clear Data for installed apps on an Android device?
  3. A

    SOLVED Co-management Pilot / CoMgmtSettingsPilotWUP / Non-Compliant

    Hello everyone, I prepared a pilot study because I was curious about Intune windows update management. I've moved the workload from SCCM to Pilot Intune but the clients I've applied show as Non-Compliant. Anyone can help me? The log in CoManagementHandler.log is as follows. Many Thanks.
  4. unkown1

    consist of country code and City as group tag during SCCM OSD deployment

    Get-WindowsAutopilotInfo.ps1 V3.5 scenario is upload computer hash/serial value into Autopilot (intune) along with multiple selection Group GUI window which consist of country code and City as group tag during SCCM OSD deployment
  5. W

    NEW Windows 11 - bitlocker force removable device to be encrypted

    Hi all, I have some computers fully managed by Intune and encrypted by bitlocker. Since I have started my windows 11 deployment I encounter a weird behavior with removable devices and bitlocker. Now, it is mandatory to encrypt usb key/removable device before to use it. It is/was not the case...
  6. MJ-Tech

    SOLVED How to Locate Android Devices with Intune

    We have recently enrolled 200 android devices in intune, those are fully managed. As we know, intune supports Locate device action only for iOS/iPadOS or Windows devices. looking for a alternative. Any suggestion pl?
  7. MJ-Tech

    SOLVED Apps are not installing at the time of Android enrollment (Corporate Owned with work profile)

    Good Afternoon Team, Followed the steps below and logged with the user credentials but for some reason work apps are not installing and stuck for long time, 1. Scan the code 2. Login as company credentials. 3. Setup the pin number. After that I am stuck at installing the apps. Please see...
  8. J

    NEW Intune windows activation report

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone here knows how to generate a report on Intune to show if some/few windows clients are not activated. I know how to do the report via active directory, but most windows clients are azure AD joined, so the report I ran on-prem couldn't show the activation status...
  9. zimon

    NEW Intune App updates for already installed applications

    Dear Community Introduction We enabled co-management for a test group of users/devices. These devices were orginally staged with Endpoint Manager and come with Chrome, Acrobat Reader, VLC and so on. We use the solution of PatchMyPC to get the latest versions of all these third party products...
  10. MJ-Tech

    NEW Intune Windows 10 Kiosk machine for company announcements

    Dear IT experts, My requirement is to create a Windows 10 Kiosk machine using Intune where I need to display only company announcements . i.e., digital signage in windows 10 machines. Could you please suggest any free software available or free trial? also please provide me the steps to...
  11. MJ-Tech

    SOLVED Intune Windows 10 KIOSK machine

    I have a requirement to create a KIOSK machine (Big monitors for display alone) where we need to run\show only powerpoint slides\MP4 videos\company updates. As described in the MS forum- , i have enrolled the Win...
  12. MJ-Tech

    PENDING Corporate-owned devices with work profile for existing Android users.

    The requirement is to enroll all existing android users (250+) into this profile - Corporate-owned devices with work profile. The microsoft technical forum has very good information to enroll the new android devices or wipe the existing phones to enroll into Intune but unable to find the...
  13. E

    NEW Teams app install

    Hello, We have a finished deployment of Office 365 apps on all our devices. (Installation Intune - Available install) Teams app was NOT selected during this install. What is the best practice or recomendation for current and future installs ? Can I change the current config and also select the...
  14. C

    NEW Ipad Failing on Enrolment

    Hi, When trying to enrol our iPad it is getting stuck on the remote management window and fails to bring down the profile correctly (See Attached). I've gone through several guides and videos and still can't figure it out. Any ideas please? Thanks Craig
  15. J

    PENDING Disable Intune Subscription

    Hello, I'am uptdating Endpoint Manager to 2107 version and I want to avoid step "Microsoft Intune Subscription". How can I disable this step befor update, please? Thank you.
  16. raghavsood19

    SOLVED How to rename intune Co-managed devices?

    1. What are the ways to rename co-managed devices? - I checked in Intune Rename device option is greyed out. 2. I moved the devices from a co-managed state to Intune the device rename option comes up but when we rename the device it shows a trust relationship issue. Any suggestions
  17. Y

    NEW Custom ADMX policies not applying even though they are correct

    hello - i am deploying some custom admx policies for google chrome. I know my settings are correct as they are pretty simple policies that people have confirmed working with the same settings. i have experienced issues like this in the past that have been solved by typing the policy out in...
  18. Y

    SOLVED how to derive gp name from gp english name in amdx file

    hi i am currently moving gpo's to intune. i have read all of microsoft's documentation but one thing they do not cover is how to derive the gp name (in admx file) from the gp english name (what you would see in gp edit console). For non custom ADMX they say you can use the csp console like the...
  19. E

    NEW Intune Windows 10 Update Rings - Not applicable

    Hi, I have been testing with the Windows 10 update rings for a while now. This worked perfectly but since a week or so I get machines reporting "Not applicable". One PC is reporting Succeeded. Our environment is Hybrid ( SCCM & Intune ). Anyone got a idea ? Thanks in advance !
  20. R

    NEW Joining On-Prem Domain from co-managed device enrolled through Autopilot/Intune

    Hey guys, looking for solutions on how to join my On-Prem Domain from Autopilot. Is this possible at all? Even when entering the on-prem credentials, i am still unable to join the domain.