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SOLVED Windows 11 Feature Updates/Query in SCCM

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I have enabled Windows feature updates, to update Windows 10 PCs to the latest versions of Windows 10. What I've now found that is when enabling the 'Upgrade' classification, SCCM/WSUS also pulled down upgrades for Window 10 to Windows 11. I do have Windows 11 selected as a product, as we do require updates for Windows 11.
My question is as follows: How do I allow for feature updates for Windows 10 versions, prevent allowing upgrading to Windows 11, but allow patching for PCs already on Windows 11. I included the feature updates in my current Windows client ADR, not knowing it included upgrades to Windows 11.

Current environment, only a few PCs being tested with Windows 11, not ready to deploy to mass production as yet.
Hi Prajwal
Thanks for the prompt response. I have already unchecked the upgrades category, but this also removes the windows 10 Feature updates. This is why I posted this question. It seems the upgrade classification includes both the feature updates, as well as the Windows 11 upgrade. Is this not the case?
I do have Windows 11 enabled, and we are receiving the Windows 11 updates without issues, that is working correctly.
I specifically want to allow feature updates, but exclude the Upgrade to Windows 11 update/upgrade.
I hope that makes sense.
Hi Prajwal

Apologies for the delayed response. Selecting upgrade enables both the feature updates, and the update to Upgrade to Windows 11. I've decide to set the Upgrade to Windows 11 update to decline (un-approved) in WSUS so as not to see it in SCCM. I'll close this issue.
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