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NEW Windows 11 - bitlocker force removable device to be encrypted


Hi all,

I have some computers fully managed by Intune and encrypted by bitlocker.
Since I have started my windows 11 deployment I encounter a weird behavior with removable devices and bitlocker. Now, it is mandatory to encrypt usb key/removable device before to use it. It is/was not the case with my windows 10 computers.
Do someone can confirm me that this new behavior is normal woth windows11? Can we disable it ?
I have a temporary workaround that set a value in the registry but Intune policy overwrite it regularly.

As a remember :
Context : intune/bitlocker/windows11/removable devices

Thank you all,


I currently have a similar issue except my MECM is not co-managed. I have one policy that that encrypts the OS and any fixed drives that works fine. I created another policy that adds the removable drive encryption to it. On the this one, OS and fixed drives encrypt but when inserting a USB drive no encryption pop-up? Is there something I'm missing. Forgot to mention, I'm using 2207 and Windows 10 22H2 - maybe should be moved to a new or different thread?


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