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PENDING SCCM windows updates error 0X80244018


New Member
I'm having a lot of computers with error code 0X80244018 in windows 11 updates by SCCM.
If was able to fix some of them by running fix powershell scripts from Client Center for Configuration Manager, but it didn't solve all.
I'm not finding helpful information about this, can any one help with this issue?


Pedro Lopes
There are various potential causes of the error 0x80244018:
  • The third-party application interferes with the Windows update.
  • The Windows Update is blocked by the VPN or proxy.
  • The Background Intelligent Transfer Service is disabled.
  • Windows Update component service is
  • The system files are corrupted.
Can you run a sfc scan to determine if there are potential issues with any of the problematic clients?
The antivirus is the same in all computers, and some update successfully, other not.
I have implemented clienthealth script, that checks several services, including bits.
I already had runned sfc in all of the client with error. After that the number of computer in error reduced, but didn't solve all of them.
Still, I executed in one client, that is in error, and attached the log.