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PENDING Can I get PowerShell script for Compliance Report

Like I don't want to go to monitoring on daily basis and Generate the Report. I want that if we can Create a PowerShell script in which i can give Collection name and its Deployment name. and it can give me excel sheet in which i can see all the information. Completed, IN progress etc.
What is wrong with using the subscription feature within SSRS to do exactly this?
Yeah, I can Use this, But I was just trying to get some other way to make it automate.
But the Subscription methods is automated. At the end of the day this is NOT a CM question but and SSRS / PowerShell question.


Just use Excel to query SQL directly to create the reports that you are looking for.
Well actually you could take this a step further and create a connection to your SCCM database from PowerBI an report on the data in many ways.