1. Alex Vin

    PENDING SCCM Update from 2207 to 2211

    Hi all, Trying to update my sccm from 2207 to 2211. Installing files required for the update field but i can see that thise like the version is updated but not the console how can i fix it ? thanks
  2. V

    NEW How to setup SUP on remote server to download updates. HttpSendRequest failed 12029

    Hi, I have SCCM server without internet connection and a remote WSUS server with internet connection, SUP installed and synchronizing from Microsoft update. When I try to download updates from the software updates in sccm console I get the below error: - Proxy is enabled for download, using...
  3. H

    PENDING SCCM system and user discovery doesn't Work anymore / adsysdis.log ERROR: Failed to enumerate directory objects in AD container LDAP

    Hello, I have Issue with SCCM Discovery (Systems & Users) : No user and no new devise. - DNS Resolution is fine (nslookup). - Firewall is OK (Telnet to a DC with port 389,636,3268,3269 Works) - Test LDAP Works from PowerShell : - SCCM Primary Server (Alone) in the same Domaine. - Boundry...
  4. A

    SOLVED Co-management Pilot / CoMgmtSettingsPilotWUP / Non-Compliant

    Hello everyone, I prepared a pilot study because I was curious about Intune windows update management. I've moved the workload from SCCM to Pilot Intune but the clients I've applied show as Non-Compliant. Anyone can help me? The log in CoManagementHandler.log is as follows. Many Thanks.
  5. C

    NEW SCCM Applications dont show in Softwarecenter

    Hello all, we're having the issue that applications which are deployed via a collection that includes "All Systems/All Desktop- and Serverclients" dont show in the Softwarecenter for new installed laptops (Deployment is computer based not user based). If we change details (like the...
  6. R

    PENDING SCCM - Report all deployments with action to Uninstall

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a report in Config Manager where I need to list all Applications that have a deployment where the Action is Uninstall (Purpose is Required by default). This is for a SNOW metering project we have going on for software automation, and SNOW themselves require a list of...
  7. SCCM_noob

    SOLVED SCCM Boundaries - AD Site or IP address Range?

    Hi, I am configuring a new SCCM for our small company office and I want to ask which is better for boundary, AD site or IP address ?. Or can i create both of them and if so what are the advantages.
  8. L

    NEW RDWeb/Load Balancer show sccm client not installed

    Hi we have RDWeb/Load Balancer server (Group of 5 servers) SCCM client is installed on all of the server but only 1 server show as active/sccm client install in sccm console When I look at the ClientIDmanagerstartup log file all 5 machine show same thamprint for cert and GUID I have removed...
  9. Vital Lee

    SOLVED SCCM Updates: No September CU for product "Windows 10 1903 and later" only "Windows 10 GDR"

    Hello, for September's patch Tuesday MS released Windows 10 CU KB5017308 only for product "Windows 10 - GDR DU", but not for "Windows 10 1903 and later". All our Windows 10 20H2, 21H1, 21H2 are detected by SCCM as "Windows 10 1903 and later" - so that no update for these systems. But if we...
  10. K


    Hello, I have come to this error message after making multiple changes. First, I was unable to get services to work on SCCM, I found an article to change Log on As SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) from network service to local system. Also, the SQL server agent was change as well. Once I received the...
  11. N

    PENDING Deploying Task Sequence after previous is done

    Hello, I want to run TS on machine1 and ONLY after it's done successfully I want to automatically run other TS on machine2. Do you have any ideas how can I accomplish that?
  12. j_dahl9

    NEW Configuring an SCCM lab in Azure

    Hi everyone! If you want to build an SCCM lab in Azure, I have provided a link below that can deploy this for you via an ARM template. It has worked great for me so far in my Azure environment and has saved me quite a bit of time...
  13. H

    PENDING Adding DELL Latitude 5430 driver in the existing TS

    Hi, I am new in SCCM. I need to add new DELL Latitude 5430 driver in the existing Task Sequence. I have downloaded the driver *.exe file from the following instruction and extracted as per this link’s...
  14. jan2018

    NEW Patch downloading in SCCM

    I Configured SUP separated from Site Server which SUP has Internet Access but Site Server doesn't. when I create ADR for Patch Deployment, patches doesn't downloading. In PatchDownloading.log in Site Server show "HttpSendRequest failed 12007" error. I don't know why this happen. depends on my...
  15. timmyrichy123

    SCCM Education License

    Hello together, about 4 Months ago I started the my experience with SCCM. Now the License will expire in several Weeks. Does anybody know, if it exist a Education License, which not expire after 180 Days ? 1300 € are too much for a private Person, who will learn how SCCM works with non...
  16. C

    PENDING Updates Deployments with "Unknown" Status

    Hi, We're trying to deploy some software updates for Windows Servers (2008 to 2019), but deployment status always keeps "UNKNOWN" and "Client check passed/Active". I don't understand what could be happening because for some servers, the updates are delivered and installed successful, it seems...
  17. A

    PENDING ConvertBootToLogicalPath failed to convert 'MULTI(0)DISK(0)RDISK(0)PARTITION(3)\_SMSTSWINPE\SOURCES\BOOT.WIM' (0x80070490).

    hey everyone , please i need your help i posted the same post a week ago then thought i solve it but i am not i am currently working on dell xps 9500 everytime we try to download OS from software center it download the PE and then restart to this error below this laptop doesn't have ethernet...
  18. A

    PENDING help to correct please , i am unable to run

    SELECT distinct v_R_System.Netbios_Name0 AS "Computer Name", v_GS_SYSTEM_CONSOLE_USER.SystemConsoleUser0 AS "Console User", v_GS_SYSTEM_CONSOLE_USER.NumberOfConsoleLogons0 AS "Console Logons", v_GS_SYSTEM_CONSOLE_USER.TotalUserConsoleMinutes0 AS "Total Minutes on Console"...
  19. jan2018

    SOLVED Task Sequence give error Result Code 255 in Apply Operating System part

    In Some systems Bare Metal Windows 10 x32 installation aborted with result code 255 that in Error Lookup translated "the extended attributes are inconsistent". this error happen in Apply Operating System step in Task Sequence. I searched but, I not found anything.
  20. R

    SOLVED Query SCCM applications to detect associated AD security groups

    Hi all, I am new to the forum, my name is Russ and I work as an SCCM/Group Policy administrator in the finance sector. I am after some assistance if possible, but not sure this is the correct area of the forum to raise this so apologies if in the wrong section. Long story short, we are...