pxe error

  1. R

    PENDING pxe-e16 no offer received

    Hello We upgraded to SCCM 2107 5.00.9068.1008. After the upgrade our PXE is no longer working. We get an error showing: Start PXE over IPv4 Station IP Address is (our internal ip range) PXE-E16: No valid offer received We took a look at the SMSPXE.log file and it has not updated since March...
  2. V3TR4x

    SOLVED PXE BOOT- PXE-E16 No vaild offer received

    Hello Everbody, Short information about the system I am using a Configuration Manager 2107 Version 5.00.9058.1000 I have one Primary Site, 7 secondary sites ( warehouses ) and about 24 Distribution Points in other countries. In the LAN of the Primary Server I have a second Server (...
  3. M

    PENDING PXE suddenly stopped working

    Hi guys, looking for some help here. have a single DP that is not complying and I'm about to just blow it away if this does not work.. My pxe services stopped working suddenly even though there was no change to the server made that im aware of. i was looking through the logs and foud the...
  4. M

    PXE Boot issues

    I am having a few issues with getting PXE boot going, I did not want to use it yet but I need to capture an image of a new machine for another location and when I tried doing the Capture media method it broke the OS of the machine I was trying to capture so now I grabbed it and enabled PXE boot...
  5. R

    PENDING SCCM PXE Boot Error 0x00000001

    Hi, I was trying to install an operating System (win-10) on unknown computer colection through SCCM PXE but was unsuccessful. My Scenario DHCP , SCCM, WDS on one server AD and DNS on another server Client - Virtual Machines created in Virtual BX I enabled PXE support for unknown computers...
  6. P

    SOLVED SCCM (Current Branch) PXE Failure

    Setting up OSD on an SCCM Current Branch server. I'm very new to SCCM... We have 1 Primary Site server and 4 Secondary Site servers. We will deploy OS's via the Primary Site only. When I first began, there were no Boot Images in Software Library / Operating Systems / Boot Images or in folder...
  7. M

    PENDING PXE Ports Needed for SCCM OSD

    Hi all There’s not much good accurate online documents that confirm the pxe ports needed they appear to miss some. I’ve opened the standard ports it mentions online but pxe still isn’t working and I suspect it’s ports getting blocked. “The daemon listens on port 69 but responds on a randomly...
  8. M

    PENDING sccm 2012r2 cu5 issue pxe

    Hi I have an issue with a specific configuration of SCCM 2012R2 CU5 (no SP1) standalone. vlan A : sccm with DP and pxe (on the same server) vlan B : DHCP server vlan C : client I make a standard configuration except for : iphelper + option 66 fqdn of the sccm server and 67...
  9. SuperSteve

    SOLVED PXE-E11: ARP Timeout Error

    Hi I am using sccm to try and deploy windows operating systems , but when I press f12 i gets an ip but then hangs and I receive a pxe-e11 arp timeout error. I assume its something to do with dhcp options but am unsure what options to change here. Any advice would be appreciated..