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SOLVED SQL server default instance

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Hi, I am setting up sccm in my lab and I am installing SQL server and I want to know what is SQL server default instance. I see two options Default Instance and Named Instance. What is the difference between both of them. Which option is recommended for SCCM ?
Not a major difference between them. You can install only one default instance but can install multiple named instances. It is best to install only a default instance unless you have a special need to install multiple SQL Server instances on the same host, such as running different versions concurrently or other isolation requirements. These additional instances must be named.

The underlying difference between a default and named instance is mostly a matter of network connectivity. Clients can connect to the default instance using only the host name over the well-known 1433 port. To connect to a named instance, clients specify the host and instance name (e.g. "MyHost\My_Instance") and the SQL Server Browser service returns the port the named instance is listening on.
I am trying to recover our CAS database. So useing setup file to recover, i choose create new database. When i run the SCCM wizard, i get SQL server database has user defined objects, cannot configure database. From this site perhaps would need to delete default MSSQL instance and then recreate it. That said, if i go ahead and recreate default instance then will my Primary site data get synched with CAS.

Thanks a lot….
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