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NEW SCCM Devices showing unknown status


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I've recently added three devices to the SCCM but they are showing up with unknown status and they aren't having a boundary group although the boundary group is created (I use IP address range for the boundary). Have checked the network and it's fine between the device and console.
When checking the devices, I can see that they have the client properties the same as any other working devices, components are all installed (CCM Notification Agent shows as Disabled) and only seeing two actions (Machine Policy Retrieval and User Policy Retrieval) in Configuration Manager Properties. FYI, the client certificate is Self-signed.

Have looked into the logs on the console, the BgbServer and BgbMgr didn't show any errors at all. From the device logs, the CCMNotificationAgent log had the below:
Bgb client agent is starting...
Bgb client agent is disabled
TCP Listener is disabled. BgbAgent 1/22/2023 3:25:24 PM 11684 (0x2DA4)
BgbController main thread is started with settings: {bgb enable = 0}, {tcp enabled = 0}, {tcp port = 0} and {http enabled = 0}. BgbAgent 1/22/2023 3:25:24 PM 11684 (0x2DA4)

Checking few forums online, have seen recommendation to turn off the port 10123 from site properties, wait a bit and turn it back on but it didn't solve the issue. Tried reinstalling the client (and deleting the device from SCCM console) but same response.

To note, I'm aware that I'm using old client version but it's working on other devices. Below are the versions used:
SCCM version: 2211
Client version: 5.0.9058.1012

Any suggestions and help would be appreciated!
Also experiencing the same issue and tried the same steps as @sub95 but these have failed to resolve the issue.

Currently running the below:
  • Configuration Manager version: 2309
  • Site version: 5.0.9122.1000

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