NEW PXE / WDS Issue on Primary Site Server after Recovery


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Hi all!

We changed our Site Server from Server 2012R2 to Server 2022 by using sccm recovery. This process was successful, exept our pxe isn't workling properly.

Our clients are visible in SMSPXE.log and WDS Event Logs, but after Msg Type: 5=Ask and successfuly transfered bootmgfw.efi they are sending a new Msg Type: 3=Request and loop this until Timeout and Error 0x102. I checked our internal firewall more than twice an can see that traffic is passed and done (wdsmgfw.efi is successfully transfered).

I've been investigating the issue for 3 days now and I'm starting to not know what to do next. Maybe someone here is having a good idea for me...

Operation: BootReply (2) Addr type: 1 Addr Len: 6 Hop Count: 0 ID: 0001E240
Sec Since Boot: 65535 Client IP: Your IP: Server IP: Relay Agent IP:
Addr: 00:50:56:b1:e8:5f:
BootFile: smsboot\x64\bootmgfw.efi
Magic Cookie: 63538263
Type=53 Msg Type: 5=Ask
Type=54 Svr id:
Type=97 UUID: 00423191a80db681bf655cb7ae07d32a56
Type=60 ClassId: PXEClient
Type=243 024530140000000a000000100000000e660000000000000bec75537fcabeb7dcdb50bff36e9ce20000000000000000000000000be431ac6aac434cb95a707cb293f5c4e844032f01515c534d5354656d705c323032332e30392e31392e31302e30392e31332e303030312e7b34443537333438412d42303442272
Type=252 5c534d5354656d705c323032332e30392e31392e31302e30392e31322e30372e7b34443537333438412d423034422d344630342d424443462d3144433537393230384646437d2e626f6f742e62636400

The Following Client completed TFTP Download:

Client IP:
Filename: smsboot\x64\wdsmgfw.efi
File Size: 1322528
Client Port: 1979
Server Port: 56124
Variable Window: false