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PENDING MECM Service connection tool error import updates


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Hello All,

Having an issue with ingesting updates into an offline instance of MECM. I am currently on version 2211 and wanting to bring to the latest, according to documentation that is possible to go from 2211 to 2403.

Have insured that all the prerequisites for 2403 have been met. I am able conduct the Service connection tool prepare and move the Cab file to a computer with internet. I run the connect command using -downloadsiteversion switch to get the updates, and at the of the download I do get the following errors and warnings, but all the files do download minus the which I have to download manually: signature could not be verified.
ERROR:getHKLMKeyValue exception System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at OfflineConnection.Utils.getHKLMKeyValue(String key, String valuename)
ERROR: Access to registry is denied or Service connection point has not yet been installed

Once update is complete, copy over the update files and run the import command and greeted with the following:
ERROR: Cannot decrypt file <leads to file path\Configmgr_v3_<Long string>.enc This may be an invalid file for this hierarchy.
ERROR: Exception: The parameter is incorrect.

Last line says import is successful however unable to see the updates in the console.

The long string value does match with one of the files update cab, so i don't believe it could be a mismatch there unless somewhere else in the update files.

Has anyone run into this issue?
Hello all,

I have managed to find a workaround with importing the updates into MECM.

You need to copy the update files and the file to <Install path of MECM>\EasySetupPayload\Offline, Run the "check for updates" in the "Updates and Servicing" section. This should being to ingest the files into MECM, you can view progress in the dmpdownloader.log of files being ingested.

This workload and not the proper way of updating MECM. Hopefully a fix will come out this. I am happy to keep this open unless Prajwal wants this closed.



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