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Hello All-

I recently upgraded to version 2107, ran through the pre req checks and performed the install on our SCCM server. Our ADK version is the latest supported version and there were no other major updates / changes performed on the server. Post install of 2107, we have noticed that some applications that are "called" during the installation action of our task sequence were not installed. We have also noticed that when we run the Office365 Installer to create a new Office application deployment the process completes and we have a folder and files created but the deployments fail. The deployment errors out when setting the deployment to any of the sites and when I review the size of the application i the content status window it shows 0.00 MB?

We have more than enough disc space available on the server and the system permissions were not changed / modified. If I redistribute an application that was created pre- 2107 update, that shows a successful distribution to all sites. I reviewed the release notes and understand that there were some issues and a KB was available for some similar issues but that was for the pre- public release. The update that I installed had a date of 8/20 and there was no other KB / updates listed as applicable for this version.

Any help would be appreciated in trying to identify what could be causing these issues.

Error for failed deployment is below - replaced internal server and other info with xxxx
Distribution Manager failed to access the source directory "\\xxx\Office6410.11.21\" for content "ScopeId_xxxxxxxxxx" (content ID = Content_fxxxxx). Possible cause: Distribution Manager does not have sufficient rights to the source directory. Solution: Verify that the site server computer account has at least Read access to the directory you specify as the source directory. Possible cause: There is not enough disk space available on the site server. Solution: Verify that there is enough free disk space available on the site server. Retry Interval is 30 minutes, number of retries left is 99.,Error,,1,10/11/2021 2:43 PM,Yes,GPO

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The deployment errors out when setting the deployment to any of the sites and when I review the size of the application i the content status window it shows 0.00 MB?
I have never seen this issue on 2107 setup. Can you confirm the O365 installation files are downloaded in the folder? I am a bit confused here. Are the O365 setup files downloaded or the issue is with O365 app content distribution on DP's ?


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Prajwal - Appreciate the reply. I can confirm that the files exist in the folder and that the content (setup.exe etc) is as expected with size and all of the files present. We also had issues with imaging and pxe boot which all were present after this update to the system. I did not encounter any installation errors just common warnings.

I ended up looking at the different errors and issues and had to reconfigure the boundaries for the site and software started to distribute properly and show progress. Now I am showing some issues were the clients are active and online (20% have latest version installed so far) but will not show the latest software that is distributed recently. With no other changes besides the update applied to the site, it is all pointing to that causing configuration issues. :/

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