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NEW Install SCCM on clients outside office network connected via VPN.


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We have about 100 workstations in a small office, have an SCCM server, 1 site, 1 distribution point, all computers have sccm clients. Everything works fine, Winows and Office updates are happening, applications are also installed via SCCM. As our company manages several dozen ships, our next task is to implement SCCM on ships. Now we manually install windows security updates, applications, etc. by remotely connecting to each computer separately, and all this takes a lot of time + the internet on board is not stable and sometimes very slow, which further increases the time of work execution. To automate all this, we want to manage all computers from sccm.
each ship has 8 computers and 2 physical servers, cisco router and switches. There is no domain server, all machines are in the workgroup.
A vpn tunnel has been created for the office with each ship, each device is accessed remotely via remote desktop, one computer on the ship has full Internet access.
Maybe someone could advise on what scheme should be used to organize it all. I don't have that experience to install SCCM clients outside the company network and domain.
The PKI server is also installed in the office.

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