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PENDING Data Gathering not doing anything at all when adding Source Server


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We have a current SCCM Server which we do not know the full history of. It has several "Program Files" folders on C: and D: Drive and looks to have been updated several times. As such we are building a new MECM Server and trying to Migrate from one to the other.

I have given the old Server and DB access for the new Server using servername$ as recommended by MS.

When I add the old server as a Source Hierarchy in the Migration options of the new Server it looks to go well and starts the Data Gathering process. This just seems to sit and do nothing though.
Screenshot 2024-02-08 120200.png
If I look at the migmctrl.log nothing at all seems to have happened.
Screenshot 2024-02-08 120421.png
Any ideas on why this is so greatly appreciated.

Are you specifying an account for the migration and have you tested the connection?
We are connecting using the computer account. I will set up a service account and try that as well.

I have tested connections via different ports using tnc in PS.

I do have a couple of ideas as this server was migrated from vSphere to an HCI Stack and the IP address had to change. Wondering if there is a left-over pointer to the original IP somewhere.

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