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  1. J

    NEW Configuration Manager 2303 - No OSD Task Sequence Progress

    Hi All! Have just upgraded to Configuration Manager 2303 and done an OSD. The OSD Task Sequence progress bar disappears once it gets to the the Setup Windows and Configuration Manager step (the first part of the Task Sequence after it boots out of WinPE to installed Windows). Had an unattend.xml...
  2. MJ-Tech

    SOLVED Unable to download PXE variable file. Exit code=14 + 0x8004016c

    Hi Team, We recently bought a few Dell laptops, and the model name is Dell Latitude 5540. The PXE OS deployment is working fine for the models Latitude 5520 and 5530, but not for the latest one - Latitude 5540. When attempting PXE boot, after clicking the IPv4 option, the machine acquires an IP...
  3. C

    PENDING Windows 10 22H2 Install application fails

    Hi SCCM community, I have struggled with deploying a decent Windows 10 build 22H2 lately. Apps are not installed during TS and once imaging is done most of MS apps are problematic (appx). Logs report many WMI namespace issues that I have not been able to troubleshoot (DCMAgent.log mainly). I got...
  4. S

    PENDING Task sequence script failing to change drive letter

    Running a server build task sequence in SCCM and encountering the following error when a configuration script runs to assign a different drive letter to one of the drives. The command being ran from the script: The error being logged: Sometimes the error does not even log, and the last line...
  5. A

    NEW windows 11 21H2 sccm task error

    Hello I'm Andrea, I'm new in the forum....I have this problem I'm trying to get working a task sequence to install windows 11 22h2. Clean install, not upgrade. First I updated sccm to latest 2207 version and patches Than I update windows ADK to the latest version 10.1.22621.1 and the relative...
  6. N

    PENDING Deploying Task Sequence after previous is done

    Hello, I want to run TS on machine1 and ONLY after it's done successfully I want to automatically run other TS on machine2. Do you have any ideas how can I accomplish that?
  7. A

    PENDING ConvertBootToLogicalPath failed to convert 'MULTI(0)DISK(0)RDISK(0)PARTITION(3)\_SMSTSWINPE\SOURCES\BOOT.WIM' (0x80070490).

    hey everyone , please i need your help i posted the same post a week ago then thought i solve it but i am not i am currently working on dell xps 9500 everytime we try to download OS from software center it download the PE and then restart to this error below this laptop doesn't have ethernet...
  8. jan2018

    SOLVED Task Sequence give error Result Code 255 in Apply Operating System part

    In Some systems Bare Metal Windows 10 x32 installation aborted with result code 255 that in Error Lookup translated "the extended attributes are inconsistent". this error happen in Apply Operating System step in Task Sequence. I searched but, I not found anything.
  9. zimon

    PENDING TaskSequence not starting | unknown error

    Dear community I am struggling with a client that does PXE but won't actually initiate the TaskSequence. It will stay at the background image of the custom boot image without anything happening. From the following smsts.log I cannot figure out what might be the issue. Do you have some ideas...
  10. J

    PENDING SCCM Task Sequence or Script to Create AutoLogin Account

    I was wondering what other people have done in the past for a SCCM Task Sequence or Script to Create AutoLogin Account. This account that I would like to auto login in is a an Active Directory account. Any suggestions? Thanks again
  11. J

    PENDING SCCM Task Sequence to remove Window 11 Bloatware

    Good morning, I was wondering if anyone can advise me of what they have done in SCCM for a task sequence to remove unwanted Window 11 Bloatware? Thanks again!
  12. Flouro.infosistema

    NEW SendResourceRequest() failed. 80072efe

    Hello, We've been deploy machines on one of our company's Head Quarters using Sccm Pxe task sequences and it's all good. We deploy one Distribution Point on another office we connect them, they can ping each other all good. When we enable PXE and try to deploy one machine via PXE it get stuck...
  13. P

    PENDING Error Bios Update during Task Sequence

    Hello, I have been trying to add a BIOS update to our Task Sequence for a specific Dell model.(Optiplex 5040) I get this error every time: "The task sequence execution engine failed executing the action (Flash Bios Optiplex 5040) in the group (Modern Bios Management) with the error code...
  14. C

    PENDING Issues with Latitude 7420 during OSD after 2107 Update

    I am running into a strange issue after updating our SCCM infrastructure from 2006 to 2107. I have one TS for imaging machines, and so far all of our models complete the TS successfully with the exception of our Latitude 7420's. When they get to the install Applications stage, it will seemingly...
  15. Antoine Cain

    SOLVED Failed to Run Task Sequence (0X87D00215)

    HI all I'm new to SCCM so forgive me if my post is elementary. But prior to last Friday which is when we did a client update company wide We were able to image via the PSS and CMG with no issues, Now for the past 3 days we can't image at all. Every device type fails once u click next from the...
  16. S

    NEW Task Sequence fails before domain join - Administrator autologon to desktop, Incorrect Hostname, No SCCM client

    Hello, Currently we are using SCCM to image new computers with Windows 10 1909. We're looking to update our Windows image to 21H1. We've captured a new 21H1 image using MDT, installing Language Packs and Features on Demand during the process (this same process was used for our 1909 image)...
  17. PSoto

    SOLVED Applications not installing during imaging

    So after building a new SCCM server with Microsoft. We are finally able to image but now some apps are failing and I cant for the life of me find a reason. I imported all of them from the old server and when they didn't install I re built them all from scratch. I will attach the log file. Also...
  18. E

    PENDING Task Sequence application install error code 0x87d00267

    Task sequence has a main task seq with sub tasksequences attached. The sub task seq has a deploy of the standard software packages, suddenly some of the packages fail to install. The all have the same error code : 0x87d00267 Anyone encountered the same problem ?
  19. N

    NEW Drivers won't install over Distribution Point

    Hello, I have a strange problem with my newly created Distribution Point. I wanted to use them for low bandwidth sites and therefore I want them to always respond to PXE requests. This worked fine so far, the bootimage is taken from the DP and not from the Siteserver. Unfortunately after the...
  20. K

    NEW In place upgrade 1909 to 2004

    Hey, I've started looking into making in place upgrade's using task sequences, but i've run into some issues. I'm testing with both danish language OS and english languages OS. To try and sum up how it looks like: I have a test machine on which i install either danish or english version of...