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  1. Rukurioch12

    SOLVED Configmgr (Sccm) - Application are not showing after upgrade to 2403

    Hello recently i did an upgrade of the config manager to 2403 after the upgrade . Applications are not showing on software center further more to this i noticed that the content status was always yellow in progress and i increased how many packages and threads are processed and now it takes less...
  2. D

    PENDING IBCM clients not able to talk to DMZ MP

    Hello All, we stood up a DMZ server installed DP and MP, but the client is not able to get the content. when i see ccmmessaging log I see [CCMHTTP] ERROR:URL= server/CCM_system/request, port=443,Option=31, code=12030,Text=ERROR_WINHTTP_CONNECION_ERROR location services log says Failed in...
  3. PH25

    PENDING Failed to create/backup SQL SSB certificate error when moving SCCM database

    Hi, Has anyone come across this before? I am moving our SCCM database from SQL 2012 on a 2012r2 server to SQL 2019 on a 2019 server, by recovering from a backup. All seems to have gone fine, until the final step of running config manager setup again to choose the site maintenance option, to...
  4. M

    PENDING Software center on client computer not working

    Recently software center started to stop working, computers already installed work and connect to the management point but newly imaged computers only partially install software center, it opens on the client but then errors out saying it cannot open press F5 or try again later, now what i can...
  5. M

    OPEN SCCM PXE Boot WinPE Task wizard cannot retrieve policies

    I have been looking at the logs on the SCCM server (MPControl / CCM / SMSPXE & distmgr), they all suggest everything is working as it should be, no errors, they can see the WIM boot images (Boot Images have been updated), they suggest the connection with IIS and the MP are working. I boot any...
  6. S

    NEW WMIC software uninstall file in use prompt bypass

    Hi, I’m trying to uninstall Adobe products on a select group of user’s PCs using this script. I'm running the script on a collection in SCCM. “wmic product where “name like ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader%’” call uninstall /nointeractive” The script works, I’ve tried it (manually) on a few test PCs...
  7. M

    NEW Microsoft Deployment tool kit - HP BIOS config

    Hi, I'm somewhat lost with this one, when I PXE boot a HP ProOne 440 G5 AIO Computer the sequence is set to discover that its that model and implement the task sequence called HP 440 G5 AIO, now looking at the issue it appears the sequence is looking for this name with package ID PS500005, when...
  8. M

    PENDING How to collect Office by installed version using device collection

    hi! I'm writing because I have a question. I created a Device collection query like this: select SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_SYSTEM.SMSUniqueIdentifier,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Client from SMS_R_System inner join...
  9. M

    PENDING Imaging from a different VLAN

    Hello everybody, I have two VLANs: VLAN 100, which includes the DC, SCCM, CA, and WSUS, and VLAN 200, which includes the SCCM Site server for imaging and DHCP for PXE. VLAN 200 is exclusively for imaging purposes. My issue with this setup arises when a laptop boots into WinPE, as the task...
  10. I

    PENDING SCCM Client setting in Restart Snooze Prompt issue

    I want SCCM restart client setting snooze extension for 4 hours Snooze option is grade out. .
  11. MJ-Tech

    SOLVED SCCM Report Issue

    Hello All, Could you please assist with the issue I'm encountering in Report Server Configuration Manager? I have configured the Report Server Configuration Manager, and both the web service URL and web portal URL are working fine. However, I can't find any inbuilt queries listed in the...
  12. A

    PENDING SCCM Admin Console crashing

    Hi. After the update of the console to version 2309, we have noticed that the console unexpectedly closes when trying to perform certain actions, such as deleting a Device Collection or modifying CoMGMT settings. This issue occurs on MECM servers and on the devices of administrators who have...
  13. minhbc1996

    PENDING Deploy Client SCCM Certificate

    Hi guys, I have a question about the certificate for the client. I'm currently using the certificate for Server and Client, which will expire on Apr 2024. Now I'm planning to renew the certificate. After reading the Deploy certificate for Management Point (IIS Server) and Distribution Point, I...
  14. Nitin_ted

    PENDING Windows 11 wifi not able to connect after Feature upgrade from SCCM

    Hi Guys, I deployed Task sequence (IOS) and feature upgrade windows 11 to test devices. Its install/upgrade successfully however both are not able to connect our company wifi. its saving the wifi not matching the requirements. I check and compare with my current windows 10 device and able to...
  15. M

    PENDING SCCM failure to pickup policy PXE boot

    Hi, This SCCM setup was working perfectly yesterday morning, I was then updating some application packages and no it won't image computers anymore, it boots into config manager on the client, asks for the password but then searches for a policy and fails. I checked the SMSPXE log and the distmgr...
  16. B

    PENDING All Software Updates not updating

    Hi all, my Configuration Manager (version 2309) on Windows Server 2022 is not updating its All Software Updates list, even though I see the updates files in the hard disk storage location and the logs i have looked at (WCM, WSUSCtrl and wsyncmgr) aren't showing any errors that I am aware of. The...
  17. W

    PENDING Painfully Slow SCCM Console in Application Management

    Hello Everyone, Ive exhausted all common research and troubleshooting steps I know of. Like the title says, the SCCM Console is extremely slow to respond, especially under Application Management. Searching for an application works reasonably quick, but trying to further interact with any...
  18. zolabus

    PENDING SCCM Custom security role for Report Administration

    I created a custom security role to manage reports in reporting services. I gave the correct grant. If I try to create a new report ok but when I try to enter a query I have login error for user to the data source. Do I need to add something to SQL database?
  19. D

    NEW Company Portal on Hybrid Joined Devices

    We are hybrid Environment, How can we install company portal on our all devices? Regards
  20. setu_bridge

    PENDING SQL database get fatal error during SCCM installation.

    Hello All, I am facing SQL database fatal error during restoring SCCM from Backup. I have attached the screenshot and error log.