1. D

    NEW Move applications to retired folder

    Hello We are trying to move applications with no deployments, not part of TS and also not added to any deployment type as dependency. I came up with below code, but what can i add to check if the application is added as dependency for naother app. $applications = Get-CMApplication |...
  2. burgisserkevin

    PENDING SCCM – OSD not working anymore after switching to HTTPS environment.

    I have recently switched our ConfigMgr environment to use HTTPS communication. Since then, OSD is not working anymore. It fails at step “apply operating system” with error 0x80070002. I receive errors of type “Http result: 403”, “SendResourceRequest() failed. 80190193”, “Download() failed...
  3. D

    PENDING wmi query for Wlan

    Hello, we want to run command on machines that have wifi interface, is there any wmi query to keep in task sequence to make teh step run only on devices that have wifi?. Regards
  4. D

    SOLVED Remove old applications to retired folder

    Hello Experts, We are working on automation script and I want to move old application with no deployments to retired folder. For example if i have google chrome 1.x and google chrome 2.x I want to check the deployment and move google chrome 1.x to retired folder. Is that possible. Thanks in...
  5. J

    PENDING Software Center - Install Application & Copy over a file

    I need to put an application in the Software Center. After the software installs, I need to have a file copy over to the users workstation that the application is installed on. I configured it as follow, see screenshot: The part that copies the file over is a .bat file doesn't execute. How do I...
  6. D

    SOLVED clean up old software update groups

    Hello Experts we are looking for a script to delete the deployments for old software update groups via powershell, it include other taks as well and run as schedule task. we want to delete deployments older thank 90 days and move the software update group to retired folder. pls let me know...
  7. C

    NEW Microsoft Endpoint Config Manager Distributiuon Point wont run OSD Task Sequence

    We are currently running Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager 2207 which works great at our main location. We've recently added a new site and have tried setting up a distrubution point to pxe boot computers and deploy images at this remote location. When trying to pxe boot at the remote...
  8. E

    PENDING Devices getting reboot from SCCM

    Several devices are getting reboots (notification sftware center), no deployments currently. What are log files on client and or monitoring to search for reboot cause ? On client : Rebootcoordinator.log / Updatesdeployment.log ? Rebootcoordinator.log : Entered ScheduleRebootImpl - requested...
  9. Prajwal Desai

    Release Cadence Changes to Microsoft Configuration Manager

    Microsoft is introducing a new release cycle starting after the release of Configuration Manager baseline version 2303. Starting in the year 2023, customers will now receive two releases of Configuration Manager, one in March (xx03), and another in September (xx09) rather than the previous...


    I have to install a new SCCM server in a new infrastructure after small problems of this type: Configuration Manager requires that you configure your SQL Server instance and Configuration Manager site database (if already present) to use the SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS collation, unless you are...
  11. C

    PENDING Windows 10 22H2 Install application fails

    Hi SCCM community, I have struggled with deploying a decent Windows 10 build 22H2 lately. Apps are not installed during TS and once imaging is done most of MS apps are problematic (appx). Logs report many WMI namespace issues that I have not been able to troubleshoot (DCMAgent.log mainly). I got...
  12. Lucky41

    PENDING How to Install SCCM Client on Workgroup Computers

    Hello everybody, I've a problem with configure the SCCM environ and also the Workgroup clients. My clients can not be open connection to the SCCM site server. Configuration Manager General Client Certificate: None Connection Type: Currently Internet Version...
  13. N

    NEW configuration manager console cannot connect to the site but other user can run from same machine

    I just joined new company but my SCCM admin Console not able to start, other colleague already gave me permission (full access), his account no issue which ever machine he use, but me and another 3 people getting an same error. my account could visit the sccm console on the primary site server...
  14. User McUser

    NEW Collection based on Windows build value query fails to include all devices

    Greetings! We have multiple collections on our MECM server for various Windows Build values to try and identify those devices in our environment that need upgrading. We use a query to control membership but in some cases, the query is quite clearly not including some devices that qualify. For...
  15. T

    NEW sccm moved from on prem to cloud now pxe boot is stuck at pending authorization.

    Hello We recently migrated our sccm server from on premises to Azure Cloud , everything was working perfectly before the move , since migration PXE boot client from LAN is not working , but we setup IP helper on our switches with our sccm server's ip address , our dhcp . Since that change on...
  16. P

    SOLVED Uninstall Viber with SCCM

    Dear all, I have researching and testing this days, how to remove Viber from some user computers, as they could install it , without Admin access. Do you know any method that could uninstall Viber from the user profile? Best Regards
  17. A

    NEW PXE Issue in a Distribution Point

    Dear all, would you please have a look at the SMSPXE log as I am currently unable to Boot through PXE after recreating the boot image. Everything was working fine prior to messing around with the PE Boot Image. I would highly appreciate if you can get back to me at your earliest. regards
  18. D

    NEW Task Sequence filtering by Gateway

    Hi all, In SCCM , I would know if it is possible to show only Task sequence in OSD by using Gateway criteria. Thanks in advance. Best regards. Damien
  19. H

    NEW SCCM Patching issue

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before, I have some Laptop clients that are not patching they are on VPN the errors i am seeing are: WUAHandler Log Group policy settings were overwritten by a higher authority (Domain Controller) to: Server https://Myserver:0000 and Policy ENABLED...
  20. S

    NEW SCCM Devices showing unknown status

    Hi, I've recently added three devices to the SCCM but they are showing up with unknown status and they aren't having a boundary group although the boundary group is created (I use IP address range for the boundary). Have checked the network and it's fine between the device and console. When...