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    PENDING ConvertBootToLogicalPath failed to convert 'MULTI(0)DISK(0)RDISK(0)PARTITION(3)\_SMSTSWINPE\SOURCES\BOOT.WIM' (0x80070490).

    hey everyone , please i need your help i posted the same post a week ago then thought i solve it but i am not i am currently working on dell xps 9500 everytime we try to download OS from software center it download the PE and then restart to this error below this laptop doesn't have ethernet...
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    PENDING Is it possible to rename computer with Dell service tag in OSD task sequence?

    Hi, We have recently purchased SCCM and I am new to it. We have managed to install SCCM and configured it ourselves with the help of the forum. I have already created and deployed OS successfully but I couldn't get a way with renaming the computer with the format we use in our company. So, now...